Mikael Sørensen
Practitioner member

Mikael Sørensen joined Handelsbanken in Denmark in 1994 as an Account Manager in Copenhagen City branch. In 1997 he was appointed Branch Manager in Denmark and later worked as Project Manager for Handelsbanken Investment Banking, Corporate Finance.

In 2001 Mikael was appointed Regional Area Manager of Handelsbanken Denmark, before he moved to take the position of General Manager, Handelsbanken Poland in 2004.

Mid 2007, Mikael became General Manager/CEO of Handelsbanken Netherlands. He was appointed a member of Handelsbanken’s Group Senior Management in 2013. Mikael was subsequently appointed CEO of Handelsbanken UK on 14 September 2016.

Mikael finished a Higher Financial Education within corporate banking, credit analysis and management, and completed Copenhagen University Law School.

Mikael now lives in London with his wife.

On his appointment to the BSB, Mikael said ‘At Handelsbanken we believe that having the most satisfied customers and running a successful bank go hand in hand. And central to that is the fundamental role our culture and values play in the decisions we entrust our staff to take, in communities across the country, every day. That is why Handelsbanken was one of the first banks to join the Banking Standards Board, and why I am delighted to be joining as a board member today. I hope that I can bring my experience of working in a bank with a vibrant, long-term and enduring culture to the benefit of the industry as a whole.’