Creating change ambassadors: equipping employees in investment banking with the tools to improve gender equality, diversity and inclusion

Gender equality, diversity and inclusion is one of the areas highlighted in the results of  the BSB’s annual culture Assessment as in need of further understanding and improvement, and in particular in investment banking. In 2021, the BSB will run a ethnography training and solutions design programme with leading financial services ethnographer Dr. Daniel Beunza with the aim to help firms initiate and champion key cultural progress in relation to gender EDI within investment banking.

This initiative will equip investment banking employees in the use of ethnography; a qualitative approach to gathering observations on culture and behaviour and understanding cultural nuances. Participants will be equipped to become change ambassadors and promote real, practical changes in gender EDI in their organisations.

WATCH: Dr. Daniel Beunza on BSB ethnography training and solutions design programme

To join the programme, please email the BSB Insights team at


Pollyanna Wardrop
Assessment Analyst, BSB

Dr Jesal Sheth
Policy Associate and Behavioural Scientist, BSB