BSB summer 2016 internship – now closed to applications

Thank you for your interest in the BSB summer internship. Applications for this position are now closed.


We are offering a summer internship position, read on to find out more about the internship and how to apply…


The Banking Standards Board is a new organisation established to help raise standards of competence and behaviour across all banks and building societies doing business in the UK.

Chaired by Dame Colette Bowe, it is an independent, impartial and challenging champion of better banking standards. It is not a regulator or a lobby group; but will work with banks, their customers and staff and a range of other stakeholders to improve standards.

Its aim is to understand the cultural drivers in banks and building societies, identify shortcomings, recognise progress and promote changes made by individual firms to the benefit of the sector as a whole, to earn the confidence of customers and society more generally.

The role

Our eight-week summer internship offers real insight into both the BSB and the banking sector. As a specialised internship targeted at students building their expertise in quantitative subjects, it offers the opportunity to investigate a unique dataset being gathered to assess the culture, behaviour and competence of banks and building societies.

Your time at the BSB will be divided across two main areas.

The main project you will be involved in is the assessment the BSB is carrying out of the culture of its member firms. This is a challenging and complex exercise at the heart of the BSB’s work. As part of this we are generating a large dataset. You will be using your quantitative skills to explore this dataset, searching for patterns and insights, and thinking about how the information set collected can be improved in future years.

The second aspect of the internship, potentially working with our membership, policy, and communication teams, will allow you to gain a broader understanding of how we operate and the UK banking landscape.

This is an exciting opportunity to join a new and growing organisation with an important mandate, at a critical and formative stage, during which you can play a key role in our innovative work programme.

You’ll work alongside a high quality experienced team, and leading strategy consultants. There will be several people who will support and guide you and help ensure you get the most out of the internship. And there will be the opportunity to develop an invaluable network for the future.

The person

To be considered for the internship you will be a student who has:

  • exceptional quantitative skills, studying for a degree with a specialism in statistics, econometrics, mathematics, financial economics or similar fields;
  • an interest in financial services, and a desire to improve standards;
  • professional pride, enthusiasm, impartiality and integrity.


You will be paid throughout your internship


Eight weeks starting at the end of June or early July 2016


The closing date for applications is 25 May 2016

If you are interested in this role, please send a covering letter together with your CV, to:

Ref: SI/0516
Banking Standards Board
3rd Floor
75 King William Street
London EC4N 7BE

Or email