BSB Consultation: What do good banking outcomes look like to consumers?

The BSB is today (2 November 2017) launching a Consultation Paper on ‘What do good banking outcomes look like to consumers’. The purpose of this consultation is to seek views, in particular from consumer and civil society organisations, about what the outcomes of a good banking culture look like to consumers. This will inform the BSB’s work to identify good practice by helping us develop and refine the framework for this thinking.

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Deadline for responses: close of 26 January 2018

To facilitate our thinking we have developed what we have called our Consumer Framework. The intention behind this framework is to:

  1. enable us to increase our understanding of consumer issues and concerns as they relate to aspects of the BSB’s work;
  2. provide the basis for the creation of good practice guidelines for firms that serve consumers, along with a common language for both firms and consumer organisations; and
  3. enable consumer and civil society organisations to engage more readily with aspects of the BSB’s work.

We would like your views to inform the development of our Consumer Framework.

Download the Consultation

Responses can be recorded directly in the document itself simply by downloading and saving to desktop with Adobe Acrobat Reader before filling in, then saving and emailing to once responses have been added.

Who should respond to this Consultation?

This consultation is open to all interested parties, but we would particularly welcome – at this early stage of the work – views from consumer and civil society organisations. We recognise that these organisations are often very constrained in terms of time and resources, but any such input as they are able to provide (and in any format) would be very welcome.

How to respond to this Consultation

We welcome written responses from those interested in this consultation and have provided questions to guide responses.  Please submit responses via email to

A template for responses is provided in the document itself, but we are happy to accept responses in other formats. If you have any queries or requests for alternative ways to feed into our consultation, for example via a meeting, please contact us via the email address above or telephone Martin Coppack on 07718 580320.

Next step after Consultation

Following this consultation we will publish a further and fuller version of the Consumer Framework. We will consult with member firms and others about whether and how the outcomes identified can help in the development of standards of good practice that have value to consumers and that are relevant and applicable to consumer-facing firms of all business models, sizes and structures, and in the context of ongoing changes in technology.